BTU to Tons Conversion Made Easy: The Ultimate Calculator!

AC tonnage calculator from square foot

Square footage of room:
Number of people in room:
Number of windows:
Number of lights:


Now you have the answer of how many BTU you need to for your specific square foot room. If you want to convert to tonnage use next calculator.

Convert BTU to Tons

Enter BTUs:


Note: formula for Converting BTU to Ton in air conditioning

The formula to convert British Thermal Units (BTU) to tons of refrigeration (TR) is:

TR = (BTU/12,000)

How to convert tons to BTU

Enter Tons:


Above calculator shows you the result of tons to BTU. And formula of ton to BTU is,

BTU= (Ton * 12,000)

Example, if you have question- 1.5 ton ac is equal to how many BTU? You need 18,000 BTU in this case.


BTU= (1.5*12,000)
= 18,000 BTU

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