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AC Electricity Cost Calculator

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Explanation:- The formula for calculating your daily electricity bill is:

Daily electricity cost = (Power use in watts ÷ 1000) x Hours used per day x Price per kWh

So, to use this formula, you need to know your AC’s BTU, which will give you the power consumption in watts. Once you know that, you can divide it by 1000 to convert it to kilowatts.

Let’s say your AC’s power consumption is 1500 watts, and you use it for 6 hours per day. Your price per kWh is $0.12. Using the formula, you can calculate your daily electricity cost as:

(1500 ÷ 1000) x 6 x $0.12 = $1.08

Therefore, your daily electricity cost for running the AC for 6 hours at a power consumption of 1500 watts and a price per kWh of $0.12 is $1.08.

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